General Hospital Spoilers: Holly Disrupts Anna And Robert’s Quest To Uncover The Truth About Luke – Who Is Holly Protecting?

Luke Spencer coming back

Who is Holly protecting? Victor is blackmailing Holly with the utmost leverage. She must betray Robert, Anna, Mac, and Felicia to protect someone she loves.

Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) returned to Port Charles with the shocking news of Luke Spencer’s (Tony Geary) death. Ever since, Laura Spencer (Genie Francis), Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), and Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) can’t wrap their heads around the sudden loss. The senseless demise of such an adventurous legend doesn’t seem likely.

General Hospital recaps recall Luke’s accidental death in a cable car raised questions amongst his loved ones. They remain in disbelief, observing the unlikelihood someone like Luke would go out like that.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Anna and Robert are committed to uncovering the truth about the story of Luke’s death. Anna strongly believes Victor Cassadine is responsible. Neutralizing Anna is major factor in the success of his epic takedown. One by one, Victor plans to stop the spy crew in their tracks.

Holly is protecting someone she loves enough to betray her friends. Who is Holly protecting? Although GH rumors have speculated Victor is keeping Ethan Lovett in captivity, statement from GH cast point to Luke Spencer. 

GH Icons Weigh In On The Truth About Luke

Based on previous statements by General Hospital cast members, General Hospital rumors speculate Luke is alive! According to recent General Hospital news, GH legends Genie Francis, Tristan Rogers, and Finola Hughes weigh in on Luke’s presumed death and his epic comeback. Genie Francis admits, “I feel like they’re setting the stage, really, for a wonderful comeback.” She confessed. It looks like GH icon Finola Hughes is getting exactly what she wants in regard to her current storyline. Hughes added, “I really want there to be some kind of mystery as to how this happened,” she disclosed, “what happened to Luke, and if we can investigate that, all of us, that would be perfect.” How perfect is this storyline? Anna and crew are working together to investigate what really happened to Luke… GH spoilers and rumors hint will there be “wonderful comeback.”