General Hospital News And Spoilers: GH Legend Anthony Geary’s Heartfelt Tribute To Jackie Is So Touching

Anthony Geary’s Jackie Zeman tribute Luke and Bobbie Spencer
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Anthony Geary’s Jackie Zeman tribute reminds us of why General Hospital has been going strong for 60 years. …It’s not every day actors jump aboard the ship of a new working endeavor and sail off into paradise. In reality, a well-written storyline can only take a show so far. But it’s the actors who light up the screen that make the magic happen. Arguably, much of General Hospital’s success can be attributed to it’s extraordinary cast.

In television, many times the chemistry between co-stars is nonexistent. And sometimes there is some underlying reason that a show, a storyline, or even the characters themselves become a flop. Most gratefully, that’s not the case when it comes to the actors who made General Hospital what it is today. Jackie Zeman leaves her legacy as having been part of what was quite possibly the most iconic daytime tv crew. Her group of co-stars and off-screen pals include Anthony Geary (Lucas Lorenzo Spencer), Genie Francis (Laura Webber Spencer Collins), Kristina Wagner and John J. York (Felicia and Mac Scorpio), among other veteran actors.

General Hospital News

Following the tragic news of Jackie Zeman’s passing, co-star and life-long friend Anthony Geary paid tribute to his former co-star and tv sibling. Geary’s statement was told to TV Line after news about Jackie broke out. He said, “I was fortunate enough to play Jackie Zeman’s big brother on General Hospital. In all those years, I never heard her utter one disparaging word about any actor, crew member or co-worker. In fact, I never heard Jackie express an unkind word about anyone, ever.

“In a highly competitive profession where ego, feelings and emotions are bread and butter, I’ve found this quality to be extremely rare. I expect it will be even more rare now that dear Jackie is gone,” he added. “She was quite simply one of the kindest, sweetest people I have ever known.”

That has got to be the most genuine thing to say about someone. Although we didn’t know her personally, it’s obvious that Jackie’s presence was a peaceful, lighthearted, and positive spirit to be around. Thanks to Geary, the fans have a better understanding of who Jaclyn Zeman was as a beloved mother, friend, actor, and more.

Over the years, Zeman and Geary became close friends. The love and respect they have for one another is crystal clear in Anthony’s statement. When reflecting on his friend’s life, he added, “I will miss her laugh, and the deep, soulful look in her eyes whenever she expressed the love and pride she had in her two lovely daughters. Tonight, l already miss her, and feel a powerful ache where Jackie’s smile used to be.”

We continue to keep Jackie’s loved ones in our thoughts and prayers. Please keep checking back for updates regarding GH’s tribute episode.

General Hospital’s Lost Icons: Sonya Eddy And Jackie Zeman

Sonya Eddy and Jackie Zeman

Sonya Eddy and Jackie Zeman …Although we have lost some incredible people over the years, losing these two General Hospital icons hits hard. Maybe because these extraordinary women were taken so suddenly. Additionally, their status with General Hospital added to the devastation.

Although Sonya Eddy was seldomly recurring, she was still an active cast member. Epiphany Johnson’s relevance to the storylines remained ever present, even up to her untimely death.

As for Jackie Zeman, Bobbie Spencer was still heavily involved in current storylines. In fact, GH co-star and friend to Zeman, Laura Wright, reflected on the last scene filmed with her on-screen mother. In a recent serious of tweets, Laura Wright (Carly Spencer Corinthos) shared her most recent scene filmed with Jackie. Sadly, Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) and Willow Tait’s (Katelyn MacMullen) wedding was the last time Wright shared a scene with the late Jackie Zeman.

Sonya Eddy and Jackie Zeman are remembered for their talent, hard work, and glowing spirit on General Hospital. They leave behind a proud legacy! Please continue to keep their families in your thoughts and prayers.

According to social media, an outpouring of emotional posts flood our feeds. As expected, Zeman’s GH family is grief stricken by their loss. The General Hospital community is taking the news quite hard as they try to make sense of it all. The news came as a shock to even Jackie’s closest co-stars. It’s scary to think how we just never know what’s next. Spread your love because you may not get another chance. ❤️

General Hospital News: We Mourn The Loss Of An Icon, Family Reveals Jackie Zeman’s Cause Of Death

Jackie Zeman’s cause of death Jackie Zeman cancer Bobbie Spencer

General Hospital star, Jackie Zeman’s cause of death. …Last night, we shared the devastatingly tragic news of Jaclyn (Jackie) Zeman’s passing. The story came as a complete shock to the daytime community as co-stars and fans alike share their disbelief all over social media.

Previously, General Hospital Blog shared the news after 11pm on Wednesday, May 10th. We came across the tragic news while reading a post by General Hospital’s Official Facebook page. At that time, Jackie Zeman’s caused of death was left unmentioned.

Without a doubt, this great loss has shaken the entire daytime community and Jackie’s GH family. General Hospital’s Executive Producer, Frank Valentini took to social media to express his sadness and extend condolences on behalf of himself and the entire General Hospital family. Additionally, Jackie’s co-stars are flooding social media feeds with messages that are both heartfelt and heartbreaking.

GH star, Jackie Zeman’s Cause of Death

According to ABC News, Jackie Zeman’s family disclosed that their beloved Jackie battled cancer. Sadly, her fight against this disease was short and her death came as a shock to so many. Further details surrounding the unexpected death of the iconic actress have not yet been released.

Jaclyn Zeman leaves her legacy as the iconic Barbara Jean “Bobbie” Spencer, a role originated by Zeman. We will always remeber Jackie as Luke Spencer’s (Anthony Geary) sister, Carly Corinthos’s (Laura Wright) mother, Josslyn’s (Eden McCoy) grandmother, and so much more.

Please continue to pray for Jackie and her loved ones during this difficult time.