Kimberly McCullough Returning to GH

Robin is back! Last week we got to see the REAL Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) alive and well, talking, and fighting for her freedom. We learned that Super Villain Cesar Faison has her captive and he lead Anna to believe he was her late husband, Duke Lavery. Everyone keeps asking about Robin. How long will she be on for, if she is back for good, when Patrick will find her, etc. Could we have our Scrubs back? It is still uncertain how long Kimberly has decided to stay, if at all. The way I see it is, we the fans have wanted her back since the minute we heard she wanted off the show. The writers, producers, and Kimberly herself have made that happen for us. I would like to just take it as it is and support the actress in whatever she decides to do. I would love for Robin (Kimberly) to stay on General Hospital for the foreseeable future, but we just don’t know how long this story line will take to play out or how long she will be staying. For now, I am glad she is back.