General Hospital News and Spoilers: Details Surrounding Maxie’s Recast- Kirsten Storms Update

Why is Maxie recast on GH
Why is Maxie recast on GH

Soap Operas are one of the only film entertainment genres where the audience accepts random recasts. Every so often one of our beloved actors is replaced. Sometimes it’s permanent, and other times a temporary recast steps in for one reason or another.

General Hospital news reports confirm that Kirsten Storms is the latest to confuse fans. Her absence caused quite a stir on the December 27th episode when a new face displayed in the role of Maxie Jones. According to General Hospital spoilers, Nicole Paggi temporarily stepped into Storms’s shoes as Maxie.

Reportedly, the switch up is only for a day as Kirsten Storms is seen in General Hospital’s December 28th promo. Fortunately, Paggi was able to set in, but assured Kirsten returns!