Lisa LoCicero Talks Maurice Benard, Kelly Sullivan, Contracts and Exits!

In a recent interview found on MichaelFairmansoaps.com, Lisa LoCicero answers questions involving her story line, working with Maurice Benard, Olivia and Sonny’s relationship, losing Connie, and letting go of Kelly Sullivan on General Hospital.

When asked about Olivia’s hallucinations, she reveals that she gets mixed reviews from the fans. Some love it, some don’t, but regardless of what they are writing for her character, Lisa says she has a great time playing it all.

Lisa is happy to be working so closely with Maurice Benard. She feels that Olivia and Sonny have a long history and share a son together, which means becoming a real family is definitely a viable option.

In regards to the unfortunate news that actress Kelly Sillivan who plays Connie Falconeri/Kate Howard had been let go, Lisa explains what a difficult time it was for the cast who work closely with Kelly. Kelly is such a talented actress. It was a very emotional time filming the last scenes with her good friend and on screen cousin. She proceeds to elaborate on the coincidence of the two ladies announcements… during the same time, news came out that Kelly Sullivan had been let go from General Hospital while Lisa LoCicero had just signed a new contract with the show. It was a rough time for the cast and for the fans.

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