General Hospital News: Breaking! Inside Maurice Benard’s Secret Project, The Stellar Cast, And Lots Of Laughs

Maurice Benard is a busy man. Between juggling his legendary role as Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital, advocating for mental health awareness with State of Mind, his family, and other side projects, Benard is a multifaceted talent and gives back to the community with his work and care for mental health.

Maurice has made life long friendships throughout his journey on the set of General Hospital, which includes but is obviously not limited to, co-stars Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) and Réal Andrews (Marcus Taggert), Chad Duell (Michael Corinthos), Bryan Craig (Morgan Corinthos), Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos), former co-star Vanessa Marcil (Brenda Barrett), Ian Buchanan (Duke Lavery) and more.

General Hospital news released information regarding a secret project in which Maurice is working with Réal Andrews, Ian Buchanan, and more to make up this stellar cast.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Benard’s secret project is currently underway with Benard as Director. Andrews and Buchanan work alongside each other in scenes Andrews described as, “playing detectives and we were all laughing our hearts out.” Andrews revealed that he is not at liberty to say much about this project, other than it is Maurice’s personal, secret, project, in which he is directing himself. Andrews goes on via Instagram to describe how it is being directed by Maurice. In an Instagram post, Andrews says, “All Maurice cares about is that the scenes are real and truthful,” he contributed in saying, “and I have never had so much fun…????, and describes the film as, “very Tarentinoesq.”


General Hospital Spoilers: Ian Buchanan OUT, But Will Duke Lavery Die?

Previously, General Hospital Blog reported that long time GH vet, Ian Buchanan is leaving General Hospital. Ian Buchanan made the annoucement to fans through social media. GH fans, especially fans od Duke and Anna are saddened by the news of his departure.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that during the Nurses Ball, a mob war is going to break out, and Duke is caught in the crossfire. It has been rumored that this mob hit is an attempted hit, but also that Sonny wonders who is responsible for the death of his friend and business man. With that information, GH rumors have surfaced, claiming that the “attempted” mob hit will be Duke’s and everyone will think he has died. We can hope right?

As the Nurses Ball comes to a close, and the drama is about to go down with the Jerome and Corinthos organizations, what do you think will happen to Duke Lavery? Hopefully Ian Buchanan’s out from GH will leave room for him to return some day to reprise his role as the genuine, handsome, love of Anna’s life, Duke.

Have Duke and Anna danced the Tango for the last time? Let us know what you think, leave a comment below.

General Hospital Spoilers: TJ Has Bad News For Shawn

This week on General Hospital, intense drama leads up to the Nurses Ball as a mob war breaks out between the Jerome and Corinthos organizations. Many GH rumors have been flying around in regard to who is about to go down. GH rumor has it that there may be two people who get hit with gunfire.

It has been said that since General Hospital spoilers have revealed the departure of Ian Buchanan (Duke Lavery) from GH, rumors speculate he will be the one to get caught in the crossfire. Another GH rumor teases that Jordan, the undercover agent will be shot. Although there are no GH news reports confirming Vinessa Antoine’s departure from General Hospital, it is still possible that Jordan could get shot and injured during the mob shootout. Rumor has it that Duke is the one who orders a hit on Jordan.

All this drama will take place by weeks end, so be sure to watch General Hospital to keep up with the latest hospital drama, mob violence, and romantic scheming.

Tragedy At The Nurses Ball

The General Hospital Nurses Ball is something we can all look forward to again after it was brought back a couple of years ago for General Hospital’s big 50th anniversary. The tradition continues on, and we wait with great anticipation for the musical numbers, the romance, the drama, and what seems like this year, a tragedy.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors have been weighing heavily on one particular rumor. It has been said that Ian Buchanan, (Duke Lavery) is leaving General Hospital. It started with a tweet by TV Guide’s Michael Logan, and fans immediately reacted to the “news.”

Recent GH rumors speculated that Duke will get caught in the crossfire in a Jerome/Corinthos shootout. However, it’s also been rumored that the love of his life, Anna Devane will be the one to make the fatal shot.

GH news regarding Ian Buchanan’s departure from General Hospital has not yet been confirmed. GH Blog will keep you posted with any new information regarding this story.