GH Getting Closer to Unveiling the Fluke Mystery

General Hospital has never had a better kept secret. Fan reactions range from all ends of the spectrum when discussing the never ending Fluke mystery. For a year now, residents of Port Charles along with General Hospital fans have been wondering who in the world could be impersonating Luke Spencer.

As far as the majority of the PC residents go, they think that Cesar Faison was the one duping the town for all those months. We the audience know that is not the case. Julian Jerome also knows that Cesar Faison is not actually Fluke, but merely a decoy to throw off Anna and the rest of the PCPD along with Tracy and Luke’s family and friends.

Luke’s sister, Bobbie Spencer has always had a close relationship with him. The two siblings have been through a lot together throughout the years. On today’s episode of GH, Bobbie was talking to who she thought was her brother. Unknowingly to Bobbie, he is still an impostor. In conversation, Bobbie brought up their cousin, Bill Eckert. Bill and Luke never really saw eye to eye, although the two were identical cousins. (Strange, we know). Judging from Fake Luke’s reaction when Bobbie was talking about Bill in a negative way, even bringing up the way he treated his son Sly, there is reason to believe that the Luke impostor may be Bill, Sly, or have some ties to that story line involvement.

General Hospital rumors have claimed Bill Eckert to be a great explanation for someone being able to run around town with Luke’s face and body for all this time. Since there wouldn’t have to be any plastic surgery or masks involved, it seems to make perfect sense. Of course, like every other theory fans have had, there are holes in this one as well. Such as the fact that Bill Eckert died some time ago. We all know that soap opera death is never permanent, and there is a very likely chance that Bill could have resurrected from the dead and stolen his identical cousin’s identity -and life.

Do you think the writers are getting closer to revealing Fluke’s true identity? Could Bobbie and Fluke’s scene today have dropped the bomb? Let us know if you think Fluke is actually Bill Eckert.