General Hospital News: Update From ‘The Washington Post” Regarding Impeachment Hearings, General Hospital Airing New Episodes

There has been a breakthrough in the Presidential Hearings that have been causing quite a stir for the daytime television industry. Networks, TV shows, and fans alike have been scrambling to schedule, air, and view the regularly scheduled daytime programs for what seems like an eternity.

A recent update from The Washington Post gives new light to the situation and a possible ending for the hearings. This means there is a more solid date for the return of regularly scheduled daytime television, including General Hospital. The Washington Post states there will be a possible acquittal today, Friday, January 31st. If the hearings end today, General Hospital spoilers reveal the show will air on Monday, February 3rd. It is believed that General Hospital will pick up where it has left off, airing episodes the fans have not yet seen, in order to catch up without missing any episodes.

General Hospital Blog will keep fans updated with confirmation of General Hospital’s return.

General Hospital News: Missing GH? Don’t Miss A Beat, Learn How To Catch Up

The cast and crew at General Hospital have been doing a great job trying to keep GH fans updated on how to watch new episodes. Since the Presidential Hearings, episodes of General Hospital have either been put on hold, or would air in Canada or other areas where the hearings were not being broadcast all day, on all networks. Some fans were able to watch online through various sources.

Today, via Instagram, General Hospital posted a video message with instructions on how to keep current on the episodes.

Check Out the instructions in the video below.


General Hospital News: A Message To Fans Regarding Presidential Hearings

The Presidential hearings have been conflicting with Daytime TV across most of the main TV networks. Although there is no definite for an ending in sight, General Hospital sent out a video message informing fans of the current situation.

Check out the video message below for more insight on the airing of General Hospital during the Presidential Hearings.


General Hospital News: How To Watch Today’s GH If Missed Due To Impeachment Hearings

In many states General Hospital fans were bummed out as Daytime Television was interrupted yet again for the Political Hearings. Some GH viewers were able to catch the last 20 minutes of today’s episode at 2PM Eastern/Standard time.

If you missed today’s episode of General Hospital, fans will be able to GH tonight when it becomes available on abc.com. GH will also be available on hulu at it’s regular time.