Will Alice Get a New Heart?

Alice Gunderson has been the live in maid for the Quartermaine family since 2001. She is loved by most of the Quartermaine’s as she and Tracy have their differences. Alice really holds a fondness for Luke Spencer. When he and Tracy got married about 4 years ago, Alice was so upset she wore black to their wedding. She is witty, funny, kinda, and a professional wrestler. She goes by the name of “The Dominator” and Morgan Corinthos is a big fan.

Now that Michael is running ELQ, Fluke has convinced Tracy to make Michael think she and Luke got an annulment in their marriage. She wants to take ELQ right from under Michael’s feet and in order to do that she has to keep her enemy (Michael) closer. Little does Tracy know, she is the one being played by Fluke. If she succeeds in knocking Michael off his ELQ throne, she won’t be far behind him. Fluke has a plan of his won for ELQ.

Alice walked in on Tracy having a phone conversation with Fluke. They were discussing the take down and how she was convincing Michael that she is truly sorry and wants to help ELQ in any way she can. Just as ALice was about to reveal to Michael what Tracy was up to, she collapsed. Over at GH, Monica ran some tests and scans. The results came back that Alice needs a heart transplant.

As Alice is fighting for a new heart, Molly and Rafe are fighting for their lives after Rafe crashed into a police barracade meant for him to stop and surrender. Rafe was running from his recent life of crime. Molly hopped into his car in hopes to talk him out of running. The two were yelling about Rafe’s current situation with drugs and causing Dr. Drake’s accident when suddenly Rafe drove his car into the road block. They were rushed to General Hospital and we don’t know if either will survive. Will Alice receive  a heart from one of these teens? Will Rafe or Molly die and save Alice? There is also a rumor that Shawn will end up killing Fluke’s companion, mobster, Mickey Diamond and he will be the one to give Alice a heart. Let us know what you think. Will Alice survive?