Ava Returns in Disguise, Will She Be Able to Pull It Off?

The last time any of us saw Ava Jerome, Dr. Silas Clay was injecting her with medication. Silas lead Ava to beleive that he was going to grant her wish and help her die. However, General Hospital spoilers have surfaced and we have reason to believe that Silas did the exact opposite. Instead of helping Ava die peacefully, she actually found  a way for her to survive. A couple of motnhs ago, when baby Avery went missing from General Hospital she mysteriously popped back up in Port Charles, unharmed. GH spoilers and rumors have also claimed that Silas took Avery to New York for teting, and to potentially help her mother Ava live. If the GH rumors are correct, that is what actually happened.

Ava may be alive and well but she sure isn’t out of the woods. Ava is wanted by the PCPD for murder. She is a fugitive, and Dr, Silas Clay helped her escape and go into hiding. Just because Silas saved her life, it doesn’t mean he can save her from going back to Pentonville.

Ava returns to Port Charles this week in a dark haired disguise, who will she claim to be? Will her own daughter, Kiki, recognize her and blow her cover? Ava wants nothing more to see her baby Avery and she will risk her freedom to do it.

What do you think will happen to Ava Jerome once she is seenby the residents of Port Charles?