General Hospital Spoilers: Michael and Sonny Battle In Court! Who Crashes the Courtroom?

Michael is actually going through with trying to get custody of his sister, Avery Corinthos. Although they are not related by blood, Michael and Avery are legally brother and sister, due to the fact that Michael is Sonny’s legally adoptive son.

In a new issue of Soaps in Depth, the cover reveals a major General Hospital spoiler. In the custody battle over Avery, spoilers indicate that there will be a shocking courtroom crasher!

Ava Jerome has been presumed dead for weeks, but no one has ever found her body. General Hospital rumors have speculated that Ava is actually alive and Silas may be helping her hide out. When it comes down to the judge’s decision, will Ava be the one to show up in the courtroom? Major General Hospital rumors have been floating around, saying that Sonny isn’t the father of baby Avery, and that Morgan acutally is.

Do you think Ava Jerome will the the one to crash the courtroom? Perhaps she has some information regarding Avery’s paternity that he judge needs to know before a decision is made.

Let us know what you think? Who could be the courtroom crasher? Ava? AJ Quartermaine? Make your guess and leave it in a comment below!