Brandon Barash Leaving General Hospital

The rumors are true, Brandon Barash is indeed leaving General Hospital. Despite the fact that Barash tweeted he will begin a career in the NBA, the fact that he is leaving GH is not a joke. The Port Chuck Facebook page has confirmed that this is not a joke.

What does this mean for the band, Port Chuck? Steve Burton has moved on to The Young and the Restless, Scott Reeves has been let go from GH and will be departing soon, and now Brandon Barash has announced he will also be leaving. This leaves Bradford Anderson as the only member of Port Chuck remaining on GH.

Check out Brandon’s tweet!

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/BrandonBarash/status/309054593524973568″]

Johnny Zacchara Leaving GH?

Johnny has turned himself into the cops for killing his Grandfather Anthony, and unintentionally killing the boyfriend and child of Starr Manning. Cole and Hope Thornhart were at the wrong place at the wrong time when Johnny wanted his Grandfather dead. He finally admitted to trying to kill Anthony and killing Cole and Hope. He is now is prison, and he is hated by almost the entire Port Charles. Which leads to a very popular fan question, is Johnny Zacchara leaving General Hospital? Everyone is wondering what will happened to the character Johnny and if Brandon Barash has decided to leave GH. There has not been any word that leads us to believe that Brandon Barash is leaving the show. There have been no Tweets, Facebook announcements, or even interviews hinting to the departure of Brandon Barash’s portrayal of Johnny Zacchara. General Hospital Blog will keep the fans updated with any new information.