Brandon Barash Returning to General Hospital!

Recently there are have been many rumors regarding General Hospital ins and outs. We have recently learned that Kelly Thiebaud’s status with General Hospital has become recurring. Along with seeing less of Dr. Britt Westbourne around Port Charles, we just might be seeing more of one of our favorite mobsters, Johnny Zacchara. Yes, there is strong reason to believe that this fan favorite is on his way back. It has been said that Brandon Barash will return to General Hospital to reprise his role as Johnny Zacchara for a short period of time. It remains unknown when Barash will start taping at Prospect Studios, leaving is debut air date undetermined as well.

Currently, Johnny is serving time in Pentonville for the murder of his own flesh and blood, mob boss, Anthony Zacchara. Since Johnny’s return is rumored to be a short period of time, perhaps we will see him behind bars… sharing a cell with none other than Sonny Corinthos.

Brandon Barash Returning to General Hospital?

Recently there has been word that coming later this Spring, Brandon Barash will be coming back to General Hospital to reprise his role as Johnny Zacchara. It has been said that Johnny will be back in Port Charles and will ultimately team up with King Mobster, Sonny Corinthos in an attempt to take down Julian and the rest of those involved in the Jerome Family organization.

Trevor Lansing (Ric’s Father) has been rumored to be the one bank rolling Julian’s organization and to have taken over Barrett Enterprises. The whole story involving Barrett Enterprises may somehow have to do with the Zacchara’s. There is a lot more to all of this than we currently know.

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