Is Caleb Morley Really Dead?

Today John McBain faced off with General Hospital’s newest villain, Caleb Morley for the sake of saving Sam. Caleb had Sam held at Wyndemere, convinced she was his wife Livvie and was determined to make her his bride. John, with the help of Lucy, was able to kill Caleb and save Sam from his captivity. Relieved, John and Sam left the scene and asked Lucy to follow. Lucy decided to stay behind and deal with the flood of emotions she was experiencing from all of this. Lucy swore up and down that Caleb was a Vampire, but John disproved her theory when he pulled out fake fangs from Caleb’s dead body. He explained to Lucy that Caleb Morley, whose actual name is Stephen Clay, was a mental patient. It was said that he had cone insane after the loss of his wife Livvie, who looked exactly like Sam. Lynn Herring was amazing with her performance. She was distraught and beside herself. She could not believe that she had fallen for this. That who she though was Caleb, King of Vampires, was actually a human. Lucy even tried to remove his ring that was thought to give him his immortal powers. She was unable to remove his ring, and left crying. Stephen Clay is dead, so it seems. No pulse, fake fangs, but that ring. There is somehting about that ring. The fact that it wouldn’t come off when Lucy was pulling it from his dead hands, and the fact that they focused in on it at the end leads me to believe there is more to this story. So the question arises, Is Caleb Morley really dead?