General Hospital Spoilers: Drew’s Held Hostage In Pentonville, He’s Used As A Pawn

Drew’s held hostage in Pentonville
Drew’s held hostage in Pentonville

The city of Port Charles in it’s entirety was in total shock when Drew Cain received his sentence. No one expected such a harsh sentence, yet the judge really threw the book at him. Now, he sits in Pentonville amongst experiences criminals organized crime.

Ever since his sentencing, GH rumors ran wild with speculation. Fans have been trying to figure out the meaning behind such a hard punishment for such an insignificant crime. So, GH Blog shared that Drew’s sentence is most likely the result of an inside job. Someone wants him in Pentonville, and they’ve got him right where they want him.

Meanwhile, the sh!t hits the fan back in Port Charles as Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) strategies to save his own butt. It could have been anyone’s guess that Sonny would run to Carly Spencer [Corinthos] (Laura Wright) in his darkest hours. Actually, he knows well enough to run to his ex-wife before the hours become a stark night. Because he knows he can count on her strength and abilities to to what needs to be done. Not just for their family, but for him as well.

Cyrus Renault Pentonville

According to GH spoilers, Sonny and Carly are on their way back to one another. However, that’s neither here nor there at the moment. Instead, the focus is on Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison). But when Carly showed up at Pentonville with Sonny, they all got to thinking. Sonny is certain that his enemies reside within Pentonville walls. So having Drew there has to benefit someone. But who? Although Cyrus admits to helping take down star formidable mobster, it sounds like he might be a spectator in the Pikeman deal. This comes as a shock to many fans since Cyrus has been the number one pick for Pikeman. If not him, then who? And why is Drew held hostage in Pentonville?

General Hospital Spoilers: Brick Narrows It Down, Greed Drives Sonny’s Enemy- They Want What Belongs To Sonny

Greed drives Sonny’s enemy

Greed drives Sonny’s enemy! Who’s after Sonny’s territory? And furthermore, who is willing to eliminate him to gain control? The people of Port Charles took a lot of heat this Summer. Threats, secrets, and betrayals the big day players scrambling to be a step ahead of the enemy. However, it’s not easy when unidentified enemies lurk behind every corner.

The Pikeman Organization remains Sonny’s largest mystery threat of current time. Sure, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) has enemies all over the place, and for various reasons. This time, it seems like it’s all about power and greed. Whereas in the past, many of Sonny’s even wits were our for revenge. Regardless, the threat is real and Sonny and Brick much work fast for answers.

According to the latest GH previews, Sonny’s enemy wants him out of the way for good. The monster knows he must strategize in order to outsmart the enemy. GH spoilers reveal that Brick sits down with Sonny to go over key points of the situation. That’s when he realizes that maybe someone just wants what’s Sonny’s. Greed drives Sonny’s enemy in the latest mob drama. Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) has always been about gaining control of Port Charles. But he doesn’t mess with petty cash. Will they find out who and intercept before it’s too late?