General Hospital Spoilers: Jagger Finds Stone In Port Charles- And He’s Working For Sonny!

Jagger’s Son Stone Works For Sonny
Jagger’s Son Stone Works For Sonny

John Jagger Cates left Port Charles behind decades ago. But alas he is back and on a mission to solve a crime in his old hometown.

Some things never change as Jagger still has it out for Sonny after all of these years. General Hospital history recalls Sonny’s friendship with Michael “Stone” Cates, who was Jagger’s younger brother. Stone’s big brother never liked Sonny because of his early influence on Karen Wexler (Cari Shayne).

Now that Jagger is back he still displays the same distain for Sonny as he did back then. Aside from Karen, Sonny and Jagger’s past connections include Robin and her first true love, the late Stone. Although new Jagger mentions Stone, he refers to his adult son, not his late brother who died in Robin Scorpio’s Kimberly McCullough) arms.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Brick does some digging into Dex Heller’s (Evan Hofer) background. Adam Harrington curiously arrived in Port Charles slightly before Steve Burton makes his on-screen return as Jason Morgan. That said, GH rumors suggest that Jason or Jagger could be Dex’s father. Some even claim that Jagger’s son Stone works for Sonny Corinthos- and if that’s true then Dex is Jagger’s son. Will Brick uncover the big mystery about Dex once and for all?