General Hospital Spoilers: Can Carly Trust Dex? DANGER! Carly Warns Dex But He Has Other Intentions!?

Is Dex the danger Can Dex be trusted Can Carly trust Dex

Is Dex in danger or is Dex the danger?! At this point, can Carly trust Dex?! The fact that Dex has been trusted to protect Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) AFTER being hired to take him down will never make sense to me. Nonetheless, Carly and Michael (Chad Duell) made the decision to keep Dex on payroll to now help protect Sonny.

According to GH spoilers, Brick believes that greed drives Sonny’s latest enemy. In recent GH previews, Brick suggest that someone wants the money for themselves and Sonny out and the way. Additionally, the same GH previews promo shows Carly giving a warning out of a dangerous situation. And from the looks of things she could be talking to Dex. Because then, Dex is shown in what looks like a life or death situation. Something doesn’t seem right about the way Dex is acting. Peculiarly, it almost looks like he’s running in the opposite direction of an exit or any type of safety. So, can Carly trust Dex to help protect Sonny from them enemy? Or, is Dex the enemy?

Major General Hospital rumors speculate that brick is 100% correct , and that someone wants the money for themselves. Watch out, Sonny! Is that someone Dex Heller (Evan Hofer)?