General Hospital Spoilers: Felicia Has Something Of Ryan’s That Heather Will Never Have

Is Esme’s mom Heather or Felicia

Is Esme’s mom Heather or Felicia?! Back in the day, Felicia experienced having been the object of Ryan’s obsession. Today, he carries a torch for his beloved Ava. Does that make Heather chopped liver? Well yes, but it gets even worse for Heather. Heather Webber’s (Alley Mills) jealousy runs deeper than having been Ryan’s third choice.

Surely, Heather isn’t too thrilled about Ryan’s past obsession with Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner) and current infatuation with Ava Jerome (Maura West). Being second choice never feels pleasant, let alone coming in third. Heather knows that Ryan’s adoration for Felicia and Ava far surpass whatever she thinks they had/have.

Heather or Felicia… Who Is Esme’s Real Mom?

According to General Hospital rumors, Heather is clinging onto Ryan by one little detail- Esme. Heather doesn’t stand a chance against the mother of Ryan’s child. Therefore, she tekks herself (and everyone else) that she is Esme’s mother. However, recent GH rumors speculate that this is just another one of Heather’s twisted mind games.

Meanwhile, while Heather is gushing to Laura Spencer Collins (Genie Francis) about how Esme has her smile, Esme wants nothing to do with the family she’s told is hers. It’s apparent that Esme Prince’s (Avery Pohl) amnesia was the first step in the young woman’s redemption story. For the life of her, she cannot remember any connection with her father Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom), or any of the horrible things she’s done in Port Charles. Luckily, Laura sees the sincerity and genuine fear in Esme’s eyes.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that without her memory, Esme is nothing alleged biological parents. Even prior to amnesia, Esme only did what she was told by Ryan. And before that, Esme was a lonely girl seeking love and acceptance from family. Then, that is when she began helping Ryan carry out his evil agenda. She desperately sought approval and was willing to do whatever it took. Fortunately, her escape from Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) may be the key to escaping that crazy life.

Esme Gets A Makeover

Previously, General Hospital Blog shared Avery Pohl’s take on what’s to come for Esme. The actress believes her character is getting a makeover. General Hospital spoilers reveal redemption is in the cards and it’s much more than from memory loss. It’s possible that all odds aren’t against Esme. According to recent GH rumors, her biological makeup isn’t as crazy as we think. Some GH fans speculate that Heather isn’t really Esme’s mom. Instead, Felicia is rumored to hold that title. That being said, with one sane parent (Felicia), Esme’s chances of being at the mercy of her biological makeup decrease. Does Felicia have something Heather never will?!