Has Helena Created A Monster?

Just as General Hospital fans thought they had their finger pointed at the mystery behind Fluke’s identity, the writers throw in some twists and turns. As Dante was knocked out and locked in the basement of the old Spencer home, to his dismay, he awakened to find a chair with a corpse sitting in it. Right then and there fans made a realization… that Fluke was talking to himself the entire time, thining he was talking to Luke all in his mind.

However, today’s episode of GH threw fans a curve ball. Since Dante found the rotted corpse, fans immediately figured that Luke was under Helena’s mind control, and committing these devious acts without Luke’s own conscious knowledge. Now that we witnessed Helena not being able to control Fluke, does that suggest that Fluke actually IS another person? Perhaps Helena got exactly what she wished for. Did Helena create a monster?

Let us know what you think! Is Fluke actually Luke under Helena’s control? Has Helena finally lost control of her own monster? Or is Fluke someone else? A Cassadine maybe?