General Hospital Spoilers: Nathan Gets Closer To Fluke’s True Identity!

This has to be the most confusing story line mysteries in General Hospital history. Even with what was supposed to be the huge revelation of Fluke’s true identity LAST Friday, confusion still remains. After Dante woke up from being unconscious, and saw a rotten corpse in the chair he expected to see his father-in-law, Luke Spencer, fans were led to the conclusion that Fluke and Luke are one in the same.

Recent General Hospital spoilers entertain the idea that Nathan will go to his mother, Dr. Leisl Obrecht for answers, getting closer to the true identity of Fluke. As Chief of Staff, Dr. O has the free reign of General Hospital, taking Nathan into the lab. Obrecht lets her son in on a little secret as she tells him, “All the answers you seek about Luke Spencer will be found here.” ┬áDr. Obrecht has been entangled with the Cassadine’s and the evil work of Faison for quite some time. She told Nathan that his father was Victor Cassadine, but we the audience know that isn’t the truth. Obrecht admitted that Nathan’s father is far worse than Victor.

Just how much does Dr. O know about Helena and Fluke? Will Nathan learn that Fluke’s identity is far more worse than everyone actually thought?