Tony Geary Interview: Luke Story Comes Full Circle

In the most recent issue of Soaps in Depth Magazine, legendary General Hospital icon, Anthony Geary, talks to sources about his career at General Hospital, Head Writer Ron Carlivati, Executive Producer Frank Valentini, and the Fluke Story coming full circle.

There are huge General Hospital rumors circulating in regard to Tony Geary’s status with GH, Luke Spencer’s family secret, and just exactly how the Fluke story will come to a close. Fans have been speculating that at this time, as we creep up to GH’s 52nd anniversary, is when the Spencer family secret will be revealed, and Geary will end his 37 year role on ABC’s General Hospital.

Tony Geary tells SID that Carlivati leaves nothing unanswered when it comes to this whole Fluke story, the DID will tie into the beginning of Luke Spencer, including the rape of Laura, and will even explain why Luke disappears unannounced, leaving his family and loved ones behind. This story will ultimately come full circle. Geary is extremely pleased with the direction Ron Carlivati is taking this character. He tells sources at SID, “I am so thrilled. I feel like they’ve done an amazing job into pulling this character into an understandable, motivated ball after thirty seven years.”

Geary tells Soaps in Depth that he gives credit to Executive Producer Frank Valentini as well for giving him the opportunity to place this dark side of Luke. “I was getting weary, and thinking it was time to go,” he revealed, ‘Frank said, ‘What haven’t you done on the show?’ I said that I wanted to explore the dark side of Luke.” It looks as though Valentini did just that, he listened to Geary’s request and made it happen.

For the full interview and more quotes from the amazing Tony Geary, please check out the March 30th issue of Soaps in Depth.



Luke Spencer Lives!

“Luke Spencer Lives” is what Luke himself shouted out to Helena after she came to him in a near death experience. Luke is determined to live and we have every reason to believe he will do so. Not only because he is Luke Spencer and, but also because Robin is the one supposedly working on the cure. Luke is a legend and Robin is a brilliant doctor. His chances of survival are very high in my opinion.

In Olivia’s vision, she saw Luke lying in a casket but then awaken and say he needs Spanks. Will Tracy get to Luke? Will they find the cure, or the person working on the cure in time?