General Hospital News: Nancy Lee Grahn Discusses Neil’s Death! Says, “I’ve never [expletive] 1 to death.”

In the wake of yesterday’s shocking episode of General Hospital, the internet just can’t stop as comments and questions keep flying across our screens. The shock value of the unexpected death of Dr. Neil Byrne (Joe Flanigan) is top notch. Fans and actors alike have chimed in via social media.

General Hospital news reports a recent tweet from Flanigan’s co-star, Nancy Lee Grahn. Grahn plays Alexis Davis, Byrne’s love interest. In her tweet, General Hospital spoilers reveal that it won’t be confirmed if Neil is actually dead until after today’s (Tuesday, September 1st) episode. Grahn goes on to mention she has played Alexis in GH for 24 years and listed how she has killed/inadvertently killed some of her lovers. She then proceeded to make a bold statement regarding Neil. Grahn tweets, “but I’ve never $*#&ed 1 to death.”