Rafe is Awake! What’s Next?

Cliffhanger Friday is an understatement when describing the shockingly dramatic ending of today’s episode of General Hospital. Rafe is supposed to be brain dead. Beating hurt, functioning organs, but a blood vessel burst while being operate on by Dr. Patrick Drake and everyone is now morning the loss of Rafe. Silas, his uncle is taking it extremely hard. Kiki, Rafe’s cousin, is saddened that she didn’t get to know him better, and Sam, his foster Mother is a heavy heart. Nina is Rafe’s aunt, has her own agenda. Nina is manipulating Silas once again. She is playing into his emotions, acting as a support system for what has happened to their nephew. She is throwing Sam under the bus any chance she can get to make her look bad. Nina is convincing Silas that Sam would rather support Patrick.

Talking to Rafe at his bedside, Nina thanks him for dying. She thanks him for not being able to tell Silas all the underhanded and awful things she is doing to get revenge on Silas and the other people who she feels wronged her in her life. “What’s bad for you is good for me. Rafe you’re helping me, you’re helping me drive a wedge between Silas and his trailer trash girlfriend.” As she was freakishly touching Rafe’s hand, he suddenly grabbed hers and opened his eyes!

Is Rafe really alive or is Nina seeing things? If Rafe is alive would Nina actually finish him off? Silas made it a point to tell Nina that Rafe’s condition is nothing like hers. That his nephew for all intents and purposes is dead and he will never wake up. Also, what about Alice? Perhaps all the hype about Alice getting Rafe’s heart was all to mislead fans into thinking Rafe is going to die just to shock us in today’s episode. If that’s the case, then goal accomplished! If you’re thinking Rafe woke up as a vampire, you’re not alone. Fans have been half halfheartedly been suggesting that Rafe will follow in the Port Charles footsteps and possibly become immortal like his father Stephen Clay.

If you hope Rafe is alive and Alice receives a heart from another donor, let us know by commenting and sharing this post!