Jake Remembers He is Jason Morgan! Will He Live to Tell the Secret?

Ironically, with the help of Helena Cassadine, it has been proven that she has been controlling Jake Doe with mind conditioning and a microchip. Dr. Patrick Drake confirmed Helena’s claims with a brain scan, finding the microchip hidden deep within Jake’s brain. He is undergoing surgery to finally put an end to what Helena has done.

All of Jason’s leading ladies are right by his side. He has Elizabeth with him in the operating room as Sam and Carly stand by and pray that he survives. At this time, these women are there to support a friend. Liz has been by Jake’s side since he was first brought to GH, she let him into her home and life, and wants the best for him. Sam has felt some strange connections to Jake, as her son Danny mysteriously clung to his side when they first met. Carly also feels a familiar bond with Jake, and she and Sam also want him to pull through to over come the damage Helena has done.

On the operating table, just before he went under, Jake had flashbacks of Helena giving him orders, and explaining that he is in fact the one and only Jason Morgan. He is in the middle of an extremely risky surgery and even Dr. Drake doesn’t know if he will make it out alive.

Will Jake live to tell Helena’s secret and reunite with his wife, family, and friends? Check out GH at 2PM Eastern!