Jason and Sam Say Goodbye

After the heart breaking scenes of Jason and Sam’s breakup, fans were left with much disappointment and uncertainty. Kelly Monaco and Steve Burton really owned those scenes and made us believe and feel exactly what Sam and Jason Morgan were going through. It was probably the most realistic break up ever. Every word each of them said, the love they both still have, and the doubt in their hearts was all portrayed with precision and accuracy. I felt as if their characters were “real” people. I am watching the JaSam flashbacks as I am writing this, balling my eyes out. I have been a fan of this couple from day one, and I still have hope for them. JaSam are an iconic television couple who need to go down in history as such. I know that Jason and Sam have not seen their last day as friends and lovers. This is a rare love story that I have hope will live on and be talked about for ages. Please, if you are a JaSam fan, stop the hate and have faith. The writers aren’t breaking them up to piss off the fans, they are doing it because it is fiction, it is a show, and things change. That doesn’t mean that they won’t out them back together. This makes for amazing TV watching, and is the reason we fell in love with soaps. Also, with the pace of how things have been going, we may not have to wait as long as we think. Please view the scenes of the breakup posted below.

JaSam breakup 2012

YouTube video by: Simply GH