General Hospital News: CarSon Fans Speak Out, Calling Out Jason And Carly’s Re-Written Love Story

This long, drawn out story line surrounding the effects of Sonny Corinthos’ presumed death has had General Hospital fans on edge for months. All GH fans want to see is the leading man reunited with his leading lady. A Sonny and Carly reunion is all we’ve been begging for for almost 9 months.

Carly and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) have always been near friends. They are each other’s number one, even when involved romantically with a significant other. Carly came between Jason and the great love of his life, Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) more times than we can count. Carly and Sonny have always been desperately in love with one another while. Carly and Jason remained best friends. Sonny and Jason were more than beat friends, they were family.

General Hospital news and spoilers report GH fans are now up in arms after last week’s scenes between the timeless duo, Jason and Carly. They feel that their story has been modified, and that the history between those two and how they’ve gotten here today has been re-written.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Carly has admitted she was in love with Jason all those years ago, having to push aside her feelings for him after she slept with Sonny, then eventually falling in love with Sonny. Jason then fell in love with Sam McCall and the rest is history. But fans disagree with Carly’s rendition of her feelings for Jason and Sonny all those years ago.

General Hospital rumors claim Sonny will return in time to stop the wedding, but now that Jason and Carly have supposedly re-developed their feelings for each other, while throwing Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) into the equation, will it be too late for Sonny and Carly?

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