General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Promised To Always Protect Carly And That’s Exactly What He Did

Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) has always been Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) right hand man and go to for making the important decisions for a reason. He has a keen instinct for disloyalty, and if he’s crossed, Jason isn’t one to be messed with.

Jason and Carly’s marriage was set to be a power move, showing The Five Families that together, they are a more powerful force than apart. Sonny’s disappearance left the Corinthos organization looking weak, while Jason took matters into his own hands to prove weakness wasn’t an option.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Jason will remain someone the mob shouldn’t mess with by being a step ahead of Vincent Novak (Glenn Taranto) and Charles Buscema’s (Bart Tangredi) plan to eliminate their competition. Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) is still a threat from behind Federal prison bars, found through The Five Families as a means to take Jason and Carly down.

General Hospital previews indicate that Novak and Buscema have planned to blow up Jason and Carly’s limousine on the very night of their wedding by planting a bomb underneath the vehicle.

General Hospital rumors suggest that Five Families member, Nina Wu (Lydia Look) confirmed to Jason that he and Carly were being set up by Cyrus Renault, while the plan to kill the newlyweds would be carried out by Novak and Buscema. Jason acted swiftly to protect himself and his new bride, while showing The Five Families just how powerful he and Carly can be. GH rumors indicate that there is definitely a bomb which is set to blow up a vehicle with two individuals inside, with the intent to kill. However, the tables will turn on Novak and Buscema, and Carly and Jason will be the ones to survive.

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