Jason and Sam May Not Be an Item Yet, But Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller Might Be

KellyBilly2General Hospital fans, particularly, JaSam (Jason and Sam) fans have been waiting for what seems like forever for Sam to reunite with her husband Jason. Currently, Sam is still unaware that Jason is alive and well and right under her feet in Port Charles. Jake Doe also doesn’t know that he is actually Jason Morgan. Fans are at their wits end, trying to keep composed as they anxiously wait for the day Sam realizes Jason is alive.

Although we are waiting for Jason and Sam to be together as a couple, Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller may have taken that leap in real life. According to Soap Opera Digest, Kelly and Billy were spotted over 4th of July weekend in Malibu. Photos of the two co-stars were taken of them being very friendly and close. General Hospital rumors have been flying that these two are now a real life couple with a budding romance. Maybe they got sick of waiting for their characters to reunite and decided to get together for real!

Check out the photos from this past weekend in Malibu

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General Hospital Spoilers: Will Nikolas Spoil Ric’s Plans?

Ric thinks his plan is flawless, Hayden is one hell of an actress, leading Jake Doe to believe he is really Jacob Barnes. However, Ric is unaware that there is one person in Port Charles who knows the truth about Jake Doe. Nikolas is keeping his grandmother’s secret, that Jake is actually Jason Morgan. Although Sam Morgan is Nik’s cousin, he still hasn’t told her the truth, that her husband, Jason Morgan is alive and living his life right there in Port Charles.

Since Nik got wind of Hayden’s arrival from Elizabeth that Jake is supposedly married, he is on the hunt to find this foe wife of Jason’s. Nikolas knows that it is completely impossible for Jake to be married to anyone else but Sam.

With all of the General Hospital rumors and speculations floating around in regard to how Nik is going to play this out, the question is, will he confront Ric and tell the truth, or will he make a proposition to Ric and/Hayden to keep this scheme going?

Let us know what you think. What side of the game will Nikolas play on? Is he going to expose Ric and finally let Sam know that Jason is alive, or will he keep Helena’s secret and use his knowledge to blackmail Ric?


Who Does Jason Belong With?

It is so exciting knowing that Jason Morgan will be coming home to Port Charles! Billy Miller has taken on the role of Jason and will be arriving in Port Charles soon enough. Jason is married to his soul mate, Samantha. However, he has had deep connections and love with a few other women in town. Robin and Jason have been there for each other from the beginning. Robin has saved Jason’s life and Jason has done the same for her. Carly and Jason are best friends. Before Sam came along, Carly was always his number one girl. Even after Jason established a relationship with Sam, he and Carly remained best buddies, just not at Carly’s every beck and call. Elizabeth have a strong past and were once deeply in love. They shared a child together, who passed away in an unfortunate accident.

When Jason returns, will he still be in love with his wife, Sam, or will his heart belong to someone else?