General Hospital News And Spoilers: Seeing Double?! Meet Ingo Rademacher’s Stunt Stand-In

The world of make believe has many tricks up it’s sleeve in order to pull off the illusions which create all the intense drama when watching our most compelling entertainment. Not everything you get is what you can see. Often times, some behind the scenes trickery is needed to pull off the best of the best.

General Hospital news reports reveal behind the scenes scoop on today’s episode of GH.

In a Instagram post shared by the Official General Hospital IG account, General Hospital spoilers revealed what went behind the burning down of The Tan-O, and what it took in order for Ingo Rademacher’s character, Jasper Jax, to pull off today’s intense scenes.

General Hospital comings and going’s reports indicate that professional Stunt Performer, Casey Rutherford, acted as Ingo’s look-alike and stunt double. Today’s Instagram post shared by General Hospital gave props to the hard work of the professional with a shout out displaying a photo with GH star, Ingo Rademacher.

Casey Rutherford’s stunting credits run deep. His work can be recognized on projects such as the 2019 film, Ford vs. Ferrari, Apple TV’s, Truth Be Told, the 2020 family adventure drama, The Call of the Wild, and much more. To see the full listing of accreditation’s, please click Rutherford’s IMDB link here.

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