General Hospital News: How Acting Saved His Life! GH’s Jeff Kober Dives Deep Into His Personal Life With Overcoming Addiction And Hardships In This Astonishing Video

General Hospital star, Jeff Kober, joined the cast and first debuted as Cyrus Renault, on February 5th, 2020. Cyrus is the ultimate villain, sneaking his way into controlling any part of Port Charles he can get his hands on.

Jeff Kober’s character, Renault, is damaged soul from a difficult past. General Hospital news reports, in this personal video by Jeff Kober, he explains his past struggles with addiction and life’s hardships, and how his acting career woke him up to turn his life around.

General Hospital spoilers reveal a shocking confession by by Kober as he tells his darkest and most personal life story. In his shocking confession he said,“The way it felt to be me was awful. And then I started doing drugs and I started drinking more and just trying not to feel the way it felt to be me. And truly I was trying to die. I really wanted to die and I couldn’t. The life force in me was too strong.”

In the video below, Kober goes on to credit landing his first major role as his motivation to turn his life around after being involved in a fatal accident. The guilt and pain drove Kober to drugs and more alcohol, along with suicide attempts.

Get to know GH’s super villain, Jeff Kober, as he gets extremely personal and inspirational.

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