General Hospital Spoilers: GH Star Johnny Wactor Explains The Reason Behind Sasha And Brando’s Devastating Loss

Friday’s episode of General Hospital left fans in tears as they watched Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) and Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor) say goodbye to their newborn son, Liam. The devastation has rocked the GH fandom, and fans were left wondering why the writers would tell suck a story, especially this time of year.

Fellow actors have given shout outs to Johnny and Sofia for their moving and heart wrenching scenes with baby Liam. The choice they had to make is very real, no matter the season.

General Hospital spoilers reveal, in a series of tweets, GH star, Johnny Wactor, gave his explanation as to why it’s important to tell such a sad tale. For some, it’s no take at all.

General Hospital news reports reveal Wactor’s explanation as fans seemed to be in need of some answers. We can all take a few moments to recognize that although some of us watch our favorite soaps to escape reality, the soap opera genre has been known to hit close to home on realistically heartbreaking topics. It’s believed that the writer’s went for authenticity, and Wactor and Mattsson delivered beautifully.

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