General Hospital Spoilers: Port Charles Needs A Little “Luck” Right About Now; Jonathan Jackson On GH Return

The name, Lucky Spencer, needs no introduction in the soap opera fandom. Lucky is an iconic character, almost like daytime drama royalty. His parents are none other than Lucas Lorenzo Spencer (Anthony Geary), and Laura Spencer (Genie Francis).

Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) didn’t just ride the coattails of his legendary parents; he and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) made quite a love story .themselves, following in Luke and Laura’s infamous love.

General Hospital news reports reveal a ew want podcast interview with Jackson, discussing his role as Lucky Spencer on General Hospital. Jackson joined the cast in 1993 as Luke and Laura’s son. He exited the role in 1999, but returned in 2009-2011. His strong rows with the people of Port Charles left opportunity for his return visit in 2015.

General Hospital news reports state Jackson, just like his character, Lucky, moved to Ireland with his family. Although he is no longer living in LA, GH spoilers reveal he is willing to return.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Jackson’s interview left much to the imagination after he confirmed he is open to a return to GH. According to Dishing With Digest, JJ said to fans, “I always had it in my mind to come back periodically, so I’m always open to that.

Now that Elizabeth has been consistently unlucky ???? in love, and she just lost her husband, Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth), it would seem like the perfect time to bring a little “Luck” Elizabeth’s way.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jonathan Jackson and Tony Geary’s Jaw Dropping Scenes

“Not-to-be-missed like, motion picture-level work. They’re definitely scenes that nobody should miss.” That is what Genie Francis told The Wrap in regard to the scenes that have been filmed between Jonathan Jackson and Tony Geary.

In an interview with The Wrap, General Hospital star Genie Francis discloses her feelings about returning to work, her disappointments, and encourages the audience to make sure they watch this Summer as Luke says goodbye to Port Charles.

Genie Francis reveals that she will be on into the Fall, even after Tony’s exit. She explains that although she wasn’t able to film a one on one interaction with her TV son Lucky Spencer, she did indeed tape scenes with Jackson and Geary.

As far as what the future holds for Laura Spencer, Francis explains that she would love to see her character remarry. She would love for her to find happiness again at her age, and Genie believes that women her age would related to that type of story line.

For the full interview with Genie Francis, please visit The Wrap.

General Hospital Moment of the Day: Lucky Has Been Kidnapped

ABC’s General Hospital always has something to keep us at the edge of our seats. Many times, ABC likes to recap what they have declared the “moment of the day” for the most recent episode. There is no doubt that in yesterday’s thrilling episode of GH, the moment of the say revolved around  what Luke and Laura disclosed to Lulu and Dillon.

Luke and Laura were forced to go to extreme measures in order to protect their son, Lucky. The secret has been revealed, the real reason Laura is in town is so that she and Luke can go on an adventure to save their son. Unfortunately, the two have to deceive those around them, especially Tracy, to try and accomplish this rescue.

Will Lulu and Dillon have to watch Tracy grieve with a broken heart over Luke while they know the truth, or will they tell her the truth to ease her tortured heart?

Jonathan Jackson is set to return to General Hospital along with Nathan Parsons, (Ethan Lovett), and Emma Samms (Holly Sutton), for this Summer’s sizzling GH story line.


Luke and Laura’s Big Secret: Will Luke’s Sacrifice Save Lucky?

Laura just waltzed back into Port Charles, on a mission like there was no tomorrow. The fans are at opposite ends of the spectrum on this one, divided by Tracy and Laura. Luke and Tracy fans are outraged that Laura had the audacity to demand Luke’s attention, and that Luke actually took the bait. Laura fans are ecstatic to see her return and be with Luke. However, we know that the triangle between Luke, Laura, and Tracy is not so cut and dry, Luke has done some horrible things to Tracy, but he wouldn’t do this. Luke has a heart and Luke is in love with Tracy, especially after she stood by him when his like was unraveling at the seams.

Let’s look at what we do know about Luke and Laura. There love was unforgettable, their love made history. Eventually though, they grew apart, and Laura moved away. They both moved on a time or two, and Luke fell in love with Tracy. Real, adult, solid, true love. Luke and Laura have a past and share children, and will always hold a special place in one another’s hearts. These two share a lot, even enemies. The Cassadines have been out to hurt the Spencer family for decades and nothing has changed.

From the looks of it, on the surface, Laura came back to stake her claim in her love, Luke, and Luke went running back, leaving Tracy in the dust. It’s apparent though that these two are merely putting up a front, hiding something much bigger. Luke said what they did to Tracy had to be done, no matter the cost. The only thing that could make Luke hurt Tracy so deeply at this point in their lives is if his family was in danger. General Hospital spoilers have reported that Jonathan Jackson will be returning to General Hospital as part of Luke’s farewell, as Tony Geary retires from General Hospital.

Luke has sacrificed Tracy’s heart and their entire relationship for whatever Laura had to tell him in private. What could convince Luke to make this huge sacrifice? General Hospital spoilers and rumors have circulated that the reason behind Luke and Laura’s big secret is that Lucky is in extreme danger. A few years ago, Lucky left Port Charles after Siobhan died. leaving Liz alone with her children.

Luke and Laura have always been there for each other through every single adventure and every obstacle they have had to conquer. It makes total sense, that Laura has come back for Luke because she needs his help on this one last adventure. Judging from the worried looks on their faces, it may be accurate to assume that their son Lucky’s life is at stake. But why? How? And by whom? Is Helena at it again?

What is Luke and Laura’s BIG SECRET? Have they come together to save Lucky? Let us know what could have possibly changed Luke’s mind about Tracy. What is really going on with Luke and Laura? Leave your comments below!

GH Rumor Mill KILL: Rebecca Herbst NOT Leaving General Hospital

Despite the rumors circulating the internet regarding two General Hospital stars, General Hospital Blog can confirm that they are nothing more than rumors. Last week, fans were worried that fan favorite, the beautiful Rebecca Herbst was on her way out of Port Charles, and leaving GH altogether.

Some nasty rumors, that not only involved the characters of General Hospital, but the actors who play those parts hit social media after a certain gossip website posted that Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth Webber) and Billy Miller (Jake Doe/Jason Morgan) strongly disliked one another on the set of GH, and that Herbst was on her way out because of Billy Miller. It was said that Jonathan Jackson (Lucky Spencer) was set to return for a few episodes to escort Liz out of Port Charles. These rumors are completely UNTRUE. There is absolutely no animosity between Becky and Bill, and Becky herself said she is staying with GH, and she has heard nothing of Jonathan Jackson’s return to Port Charles.

In a recent article in the ABC section of Soaps In Depth, Rebecca Herbst puts these rumors to rest, confirming they are completely false.”This is news to me!” Herbst tellsSoaps In Depth. “I wasn’t aware this rumor was circulating, nor have I heard anything about Lucky coming back to town for a few weeks.” As for what’s going on in Elizabeth’s current storyline, Herbst shares with a smile, “All I can say is, it’s gonna be interesting!”

Certainly, true GH fans would realize that at this point in time in the story, it would be highly unlikely that Elizabeth would be written off the canvas. With all that is going on with the big Jake Doe reveal, Liz will be playing a HUGE role in the story that will rock Port Charles!


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