Will Alice Get Mickey Diamond’s Heart?

Alice, the Quartermaine’s beloved housekeeper is still in dire need for a heart transplant. After the death of teen Rafe Kovich, with Silas Clay’s consent, Dr. Obrecht gave the OK to give Alice a heart transplant, using Rafe’s heart. Michael, Morgan, Monica, Tracy, and Kiki, were relieved to hear that Alice was going to be alright since Rafe’s heart was a match. Tracy told Alice the news right away, only to have to tell her soon after that the transplant was off. The doctors at GH found heroin in Rafe’s system and transplants are not allowed to take place if that is the case.

Now what? Poor Alice. Will Alice die or will there be another unfortunate accident that will lead to saving her life?

Coming up on General Hospital, it has been said that Mickey Diamond searches deeper in to Jordan’s past and eventually discovers that she is working undercover as a DEA agent. This leaves Jordan in extreme danger, as we all know Mickey is capable of anything when someone crosses him.

It is likely that Shawn will step up and save Jordan. In his attempt to protect her, there has been speculation that Shawn will shoot Mickey. Mickey will then die and be able to give Alice his heart which is a perfect match. If Mickey’s heart is a match for Alice, they two could be related, siblings perhaps.

Here’s to hoping Alice is saved!