General Hospital Spoilers: Julian Set up Sonny with Car Bomb

julianThere is nothing new about plot twists and turns when it comes to Daytime TV, and this time around is no different, yet each twist and turn becomes a shock to fans. Right now, as we see it, Sonny wanted revenge on Julian for killing Duke, and trying to kill Alexis. The Sonny we know can’t be reasoned with when he has his mind set on doing something. Carly, Jason, and Michael all warned Sonny not to go after Julian. These events lead fans to believe that Sonny himself is responsible for the death of his own son, by putting a hit on Julian with that car bomb. Carly is beside herself, thinking that her own husband is the reason their child is dead.

General Hospital spoilers indicated that Sonny isn’t to blame. GH rumors indicate that is was Julian himself who placed the bomb on his own car in order to make it look like Sonny was trying to kill him. Was Julian planning to get into his car, no way. It looks as though it was all a set up, and he was willing to sacrifice his “employee” to accomplish this act.

What Julian didn’t expect was that his car would get stolen, and someone other than his employee would meet their demise. While Sonny and Carly now fight to get through their son’s death, and deal with the fact that they believe Sonny is to blame, Julian will sit back and let everything unfold while staying silent.

Who do you think set that car bomb in motion? Was it a set up for Sonny to take the fall, or did Sonny really kill his own son with his retaliation against Julian Jerome?


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