General Hospital Spoilers And News: William deVry Addresses GH Return, Meeting With Frank Valentini, And Clears Exit Rumors

It’s been about an entire year since that fateful night when Julian Jerome (William deVry) and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) fell from the bridge and into the water. The tragedy killed Julian and caused Sonny’s amnesia, leading to the mess Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) created.

General Hospital news reports reveal that William deVry has recently re-addressed his General Hospital exit, along with expressing his thoughts on returning to the 58 year old daytime drama.

General Hospital spoilers reveal some major updates regarding deVry’s status with GH. At a recent fan event, William revealed to fans that he may be in talks with General Hospital Executive Producer, Frank Valentini. He teased, “Frank keeps threatening to take me to dinner.” He then continued on to clear and GH rumors surrounding his status with the Soap Opera. He disclosed, “But I think that’s mostly as a ‘thank you’ for the last eight years. He certainly hasn’t brought up the potential of bringing me back.”

As far as the General Hospital rumors go, the rumors painted a sort of distorted image of what actually happened when deVry exited General Hospital. General Hospital news and spoilers indicate that William made it clear that he was not fired, but his contract was up and the character of Julian Jerome’s time had come to an end.

Willam revealed to fans how he felt when his contract as Julian Jerome was up. He clarifies, “My contract was up,” he points out. “It was time to move on and do other things.” deVry have props to the genre, showing love for his work and the fans. General Hospital spoilers and rumors indicate that deVry is open to other work opportunities, calling out specifically other Soaps. “I love the fans. I love the peeps — Dom Zamprogna, (Dante), Maurice Benard, (Sonny), and Kin Shriner, (Scotty), I’d love to go back and get in the dirt with those guys and do something fun…as far as another GH character goes, I’m not sure. If DAYS or Y&R called, I’d listen.”

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