Kelly Monaco and Valentin Chmerkovskiy Head to the DWTS Finals!

Congratulations to Team Vally! They made it into the Dancing with the Stars finale! Kelly is an amazing dancer, and she has said herself that Val has taught her so much. She feels like a true competitor! In my opinion, she is more than a competitor, she is a true champion. As a Kelly Monaco and General Hospital fan, I am so excited for not only Kelly, but for the fact that SOAP FANS have shown how truly powerful we can be! This leads me to believe that we are that much closer to GH security. The fan base is still phenomenally strong.

GIF by: kaaydeeeee.tumblr.com

Val Chmerkovskiy from DWTS to General Hospital!

Today two General Hospital actresses (Kelly Monaco and Nancy Lee Grahn), and Val himself tweeted about the professional dancer being on set of General Hospital, and not just as a bystander! Check it out!

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Kelly Monaco and Dance Partner Val Interview

Here is a clip of an interview after Kelly (Sam, GH),and Val performed their first dance of the season on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars All Stars Season! She is so funny, and these two seem to have a mutual admiration for one another. They are too cute! Click here to watch the video and read about the interview.


GIF from alexandra-sloan.tumblr.com