Kelly Monaco Interview: “I’m Glad They Put Me In Jason’s Arms”

Kelly has played the beautiful, strong, sensitive woman, Samantha McCall since 2003. Immediately after debuting as the scuba diving bad-ass con-artist, she won the hearts of GH fans everywhere. Sam is one tough cookie with a whole lot heart. Sam’s epic love story with Jason Morgan (then Steve Burton) will live on forever.

In this must-read ‘On Air Soaps with Michael Fairman’ interview with Kelly Monaco, Kelly tells Michael and the fans all about working with Steve Burton, Jason Thompson, and Billy Miller.

When Kelly was asked by Michael Fairman about “Samtrick” which is the ship name for Sam and Patrick as a couple, Kelly had many good things to say about this pairing on and off screen. Monaco explains to Michael that she and Jason Thompson have been fighting for a Patrick and Sam pairing for a very long time. They two are great friends outside of the workplace and have a real trust and bond between the two of them. Michael Fairman asked Kelly:


Let’s talk about Samtrick.  When they said we are going to pair you with Jason Thompson and try to broach a romance between Patrick and Sam, once they had established their friendship, what were your thoughts on that?   Were you at all worried it wouldn’t play?

Samtrick fans will love her heartwarming response…


“Jason and I have been fighting for that for a long time, since Steve Burton left, basically.  We were in New York like a year and half ago, and we went up to Ron Carlivati’s (head writer, GH) office and the writers over at General Hospital.  We both sat there and we’re like “Well?”  And they said, “No, not yet.  You guys are friends,” meaning, of course, our characters on the show we’re friends.  Jason and I were like, “Just try it!”  And lo and behold, I don’t know when they decided, but here is it is, and I love it.  Jason Thompson is my friend in real life, and he’s my family.  So it’s really great working with him – it’s fresh and new, and we hadn’t had the opportunity to interact like that on-screen before.  There is a trust there that you can make out on-screen, or whatever.  I am not taking anything away from Michael Easton.  I have known him for 15 years, but if they were going to shift me and put me somewhere, I am glad they put me in Jason’s arms.”

We want to know, what are your thoughts about Sam and Patrick as a new hot couple? Does Sam belong with Jason, or is the time finally right to move on with someone else? Are you #TeamJaSam or #TeamSamtrick?

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