General Hospital Spoilers: Kelly Monaco Breaks Social Media Silence, Shuts Down Bullies And Personal Attacks

General Hospital star, Kelly Monaco, always seems to be in the hot seat whenever she opens herself up on social media.

General Hospital news reports confirm Kelly’s social media presence has yet again caused so-called GH fans to take it upon themselves to bully the actress.

Kelly Monaco has left herself vulnerable to internet trolls who find no shame in attacking a woman’s personal appearance.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Kelly’s response to the unwanted feedback and downright bullying of her physical appearance. Kelly stuck up for herself and her appearance after “fans” came down hard with very specific grievances.

Kelly takes long breaks from posting on social media and GH spoilers reveal her reason for the long absences. The daytime tv star clapped back, leaving a comment which explained her frequent social media gaps. Monaco wrote, “I dip out on Instagram because people are rude, bullies And feel the need to put people down. It’s gotten way out of control.”

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