General Hospital News And Spoilers: Kelly Thiebaud’s Life Changing Decision, Fans Flood GH Star With Encouragement

Kelly Thiebaud’s life changing decision

Kelly Thiebaud’s life changing decision SHOCKS fans as much as it does Kelly! General Hospital star Kelly Thiebaud, aka, GH’s Britt Westbourne, made quite an announcement. She let fans in on a personal decision she has recently made.

According to a recent Tweet, General Hospital spoilers reveal Kelly confessed her interest in sobriety. She revealed she’s, “interested n what life’s like w/out alcohol.”

Fan’s react to Kelly Thiebaud’s life changing decision in a series of tweets. The outpour of encouraging responses shocked the actress in the most positive way.

General Hospital news and spoilers share multiple tweets showing love and support for Kelly as she takes this leap. Kelly’s personal choice has now gained a public cheering section in her quest to see how long she can go without consuming alcohol. Thiebaud admits she doesn’t know the last time she celebrated Halloween sober. As a result, the Daytime Emmy winner wonders how long she can tolerate living the dry life.

Among the fans who shared their words of support and encouragement, co-star Maurice Benard reached out as well. The iconic leading man offers wise words for Kelly, encouraging her to keep moving, and stating, “life will reward you.”

We wish Kelly Thiebaud the best of luck on her journey to a new experience and way of life!

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