General Hospital Breaking News: GH’s Kirsten Storms Is Being Sued Over Ex-Boyfriend’s Bail

General Hospital’s Kirsten Storms is best know for her roles as Maxie Jones on GH, Belle Black on Days Of Our Lives, and Disney’s Zenon. In 2017, Kirsten Storms then boyfriend, John Farrow, was involved in an incident and run in with the law.

In August of 2017, Always Bail Bonds foot the $30,000 bill for Farrows bail, on one condition- GH actress Kirsten Storms agreed to that condition that she would vouch for John Farrow in the event he skipped town or broke his agreement in any way.

General Hospital news reports a month after the incident, Farrow failed to appear in court, making Storms now responsible for his bail money.

American Contractors Indemnity is the company suing Storms for the $30,000. The investigation is ongoing and Storms has not reached out to news sources for comment at this time.

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