General Hospital News And Spoilers: Kirsten Storms Is Back On Set

On the July 19th episode of General Hospital, Kirsten Storms aired her last episode as her character, Maxie Jones skipped town, destination Texas. Thankfully, her departure is only temporary.

General Hospital news reports confirmed Storms took a leave of absence due to her recent brain surgery. On July 30th, Kirsten revealed that she is back on the set of GH, filming new episodes as Maxie Jones.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Kirsten shared the news via her Instagram story, with a photo which was also shared to the official General Hospital IG account story. The post was a selfie of Storms, with “Maxie’s back!” written at the top.

We are so excited to hear of Kirsten’s return, and the time Maxie will be off screen is very limited. General Hospital news and spoilers indicate GH’s four week-ish filming schedule should put Maxie Jones back onscreen sometime around the end of August.

General Hospital’s Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) Update!

General Hospital has been missing one of my favorite Port Charles residents since she left Port Charles. Maxie left town to “find herself” after she lost custody of her daughter to her ex, Spinelli. After learning that Spinelli and his girlfriend Ellie would be moving out of Port Charles to follow Ellie’s career dreams, Maxie decided it is time to clear her head. She informed family and friends that she needed time away to find herself and grieve.

What did this mean for Kirsten Storms? It meant that the actress left GH for a brief time for her maternity leave. Kirsten gave birth to her first child with husband Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara). This evening Kirsten Tweeted letting fans know she will be returning to work next week!

Jen Lilley Leaving GH, Kirsten Storms Returning as Maxie Jones

The Internet and other sources were on fire this weekend with the news of Kirsten Storms returning to reprise her role as Maxie Jones on General Hospital. Meanwhile this obviously means the sad departure of Jen Lilley, the one we all came to love as Kirsten’s temporary replacement as Maxie Jones. Jen Lilley was very open with her fans on Twitter, interviews, videos, and the like regarding the news. Fans displyed sadness to see their newest favorite GH start go off on a new journey. Fans of Lilley have been completely dedicated to her as she has won us all over with her stellar performances. Her chemistry with the current actors was nothing short of amazing. General Hospital fans are happy to welcome long time GH star Maxie Jones back to the canvas to return at what she does so well, play the role of Maxie. We are happy to see that Kirsten is feeling well, and able to return to her role. Fans of both Kirsten and Jen wish both ladies much success in whatever comes their way. For Jen, we fans hope that someday she will be able to return to GH after some time, perhaps as another character. Whatever her endeavors may be, we wish her the best of luck and thank her for giving her all the the role of Maxie and making us love her!!! We would also like to say, welcome back to Kirsten Storms! Thank you both for all of your hard work on General Hospital.

Is Kirsten Storms Returning to GH?

There has finally been a break in the silence that has lasted many months over whether or not Kirsten Storms will reprise her role as Maxie Jones on General Hospital. A recent news article states that it just might be the case. Of course, this would mean, the very well loved Jen Lilley would be stepping out of the role. Jen stepped in for Kirsten last September when Kirsten became ill. She was due to return to GH around February of last year but because of further complications she was unable to do so. Since then, there has not been a word on whether or not she would return, until now. Please click here to check out the article. What are your thoughts?