General Hospital Spoilers: Upcoming Scenes with these Two!

CarxieGeneral Hospital has definitely got some strong willed, opinionated, feisty, women, running around Port Charles. These are the women who won’t take sh*t from anyone, who stand their ground, fight for what they feel is right, fight for their man, and they don’t let anyone walk all over them.

Laura Wright and Kirsten storms play two women that fit this description perfectly. Carly and Maxie and beautiful, strong, and they aren’t going to let anyone mess with them or the ones they love.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly and Maxie will be having scenes together in the near future. Laura and Kirsten exchanged messages on Twitter, expressing their excitement to be working together.

We can’t wait to see what Maxie Jones and Carly Corinthos Jacks have to say to one another. Will they play nice, or will these two gals butt heads?

Check out the Twitter exchange below!


General Hospital News and Spoilers: Kirsten Storms Declares Friendship Love for Co-Star Kelly Monaco

Have you ever watched your favorite tv show, movie, or other similar-type production and thought to yourself that it would be so fun on set and behind the scenes? I know that I have definitely daydreamed about what it would be like to play on a show. Not only because and have that second “work family” that so many cherish.

Personally, I’ve observed that work environments can either make or break the entire vibe. Not only the company dynamic but the feoenlsihews and

can either make or break an experience while working for a particular company/employer. It seems only natural that friendships are born and developed while working in close quarters. Even still, the mere presence of together with those having similar . working together for such a long period of time would lead to the development of a truly real friendship. That is exactly the case with General Hospital beauties Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) and Kelly Monaco (Sam Morgan). The two petite starlets have been friends for quite a long time. True friendship, which includes Kelly Monaco thanking Kirsten’s mom for making her a hand crocheted scarf. These two ladies are inseparable and last night, Kirsten tweeted a photo of herself with bestie, Kelly Monaco.
Check out Kirsten’s description in her tweet.
Love these two! Check out Genie Francis in the background! Photobomb!

My ride or die. She knows me like no other friend does. I love you href=”https://twitter.com/hashtag/daytimeemmys?src=hash”>#daytimeemmys… https://t.co/8MJoxPAzcL

— KirstenStormsBarash (@teenystweeting) April 27, 2015

Kirsten Storms Reveals Plot Twist!!

Kirsten Storms was made to play Maxie Jones. Maxie had won the hearts of General Hospital fans and the love for this character continues to grow. Everyone always seems to be on team Maxie, no matter how many times she makes an impulsively bad decision.

Kirsten puts her heart and soul into this role and fans are able to feel what Maxie feels. Kirsten also lets us into her own world with husband and co-star Brandon Barash. Although Maxie and Johnny were never really together on General Hospital, the two are married in real life with a beautiful daughter named Harper Rose. Harper is currently playing the role of Maxie and Spinelli’s daughter, Georgie.

Being able to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes a GH is just another perk of following Kirsten in her real life, via social media. The actress revealed a huge General Hospital spoiler via Twitter. Kirsten Storms announced to fans that while she was reading her script, there will be a plot twist that even she didn’t see coming.

Could Kirsten be referring to Maxie’s love triangle with Nathan and Spinelli? Perhaps Spinelli finding out about Jason? Hang in there fans and watch GH every day on ABC to find out exactly where this plot twist is headed.

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Congratulations Brandon and Kirsten (Storms) Barash!

General Hospital real life married couple, Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) and Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara) welcomed a baby girl into their lives! Congratulations to these GH favorites on their new family member!

General Hospital Blog will keep fans posted as details come in.

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Photo taken from Kirsten Storms Instagram

Jen Lilley Leaving GH, Kirsten Storms Returning as Maxie Jones

The Internet and other sources were on fire this weekend with the news of Kirsten Storms returning to reprise her role as Maxie Jones on General Hospital. Meanwhile this obviously means the sad departure of Jen Lilley, the one we all came to love as Kirsten’s temporary replacement as Maxie Jones. Jen Lilley was very open with her fans on Twitter, interviews, videos, and the like regarding the news. Fans displyed sadness to see their newest favorite GH start go off on a new journey. Fans of Lilley have been completely dedicated to her as she has won us all over with her stellar performances. Her chemistry with the current actors was nothing short of amazing. General Hospital fans are happy to welcome long time GH star Maxie Jones back to the canvas to return at what she does so well, play the role of Maxie. We are happy to see that Kirsten is feeling well, and able to return to her role. Fans of both Kirsten and Jen wish both ladies much success in whatever comes their way. For Jen, we fans hope that someday she will be able to return to GH after some time, perhaps as another character. Whatever her endeavors may be, we wish her the best of luck and thank her for giving her all the the role of Maxie and making us love her!!! We would also like to say, welcome back to Kirsten Storms! Thank you both for all of your hard work on General Hospital.