Lulu and Dante Are Not Pregnant?

Lulu and Dante went to visit the doctor and were saddened by shocking news. The doctor told Lulu that they jumped the gun and that she was actually not pregnant. The at home pregnancy test was a false positive. I was really sad to see that happen because Lulu was so unexpectedly happy about it. I thought she was going to be upset and angry while Dante was thrilled. It was going to be a breath of fresh air watching something UNPREDICTABLE. In the previews they insinuate that perhaps there may be something wrong will Lulu. This may be where she has to tell him about the abortion she had as a teen when she was pregnant with Dillon’s baby. This will open a whole new can of works for Lante. I still hope that the doctor was wrong and Lulu actually is pregnant. :-/


Revision: It was brought to my attention and jogged my memory that in 2012 Lulu already told him about the abortion! I don’t know what I was thinking. That whole story slipped my mind. But as soon as I watched the YouTube clip send to me by Twitter user  @DCCowgirl4eva, I remembered the entire thing. 🙂 Sorry about that guys!