General Hospital Spoilers: Laura And Carly Make Their Move On Cyrus, Florence Gets Kidnapped, Cyrus Snaps

Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) has her brother, Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) right where she wants him. She took matters into her own hands with the help of Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright).

After Laura warned Carly to use this time to fight back, she determined her brother’s weaknesses. Laura realized she is Cyrus’ weakness, and can use herself to gain information on what he is planning on terms of running drugs through Port Charles. Cyrus has another weakness. He is very vulnerable when it comes to his mother, Florence. He knows she blames him for the past, and how their father, Gordon Grey died.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Laura abs Carly’s plan is in motion. Cyrus received alarming news about his mom that set him off. Cyrus thought things would be easy for him to move in on Sonny’s territory now that Sonny is missing, and according to Cyrus, not coming back. Yet another one of Renault’s attempts to kill Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) was an epic fail because Jason was a step ahead. After being rattled at almost getting blow away, Cyrus seemed almost relieved to see his sister Laura, agreeing to meet regularly for the greeter food of the city.

General Hospital spoilers and previews have reveled Laura is playing Cyrus by taking advantage of the fact that he longs for a family connection.

General Hospital rumors claim things will escalate with Cyrus despite Carly’s prediction, but maybe not in the way assumed. Carly has gone behind Jason’s back to make a move on Cyrus while her husband and mob enforced, Sonny, remains missing. Cyrus could quite possibly back down on his attacks against Jason and Sonny, but the situation may escalate between Jason and Carly for making a move when she is in no position to do so.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors reveal Cyrus and Martin Gray’s (Michael E. Knight) mom, (with help from Martin himself) gets “kidnapped” as leverage against Cyrus. Cyrus got word from Florence’s medical facility that his mother has disappeared and went off the rails. Cyrus is a loose cannon, and what comes next is unpredictable, although Carly and Laura seem to think they have him right where they want him. Can they convince Jason this plan will work?

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