Genera Hospital News: “Today In 1979!”

General Hospital started on April 1st, 1963. This classic Daytime Drama has been around for almost 6 complete decades and has many memorable, iconic moments.

General Hospital, like others in the Soap Opera genre, focused on life stories as their main attraction to fans. Love in the afternoon, as they say. And with love stories, you get love triangles! What other love triangle in existence is more famous than Scotty, Luke, and Laura?!

In Genera Hospital News, GH’s Kin Shriner, known by fans as Scotty Baldwin since 1977, celebrated a special time in General Hospital history. Everyone knows when Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) and Laura got married (November 17, 1981), but do you know when Scotty got the girl? Kin Shriner posted a pic on Instagram of himself as Scotty Baldwin alongside co-star and friend, Genie Francis, as Laura Webber, on the day the two characters wed.

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Today in 1979 ! Wedding

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