Laura Wright on ABC’s The Chew: Don’t Hate!

General Hospital’s Carly Corinthos Jacks (Laura Wright) will be joining the cast of The Chew today, May 31st at 1PM Eastern/Standard time. Strong opinions against this have been circulating the soap fan world, as they are not happy with Laura’s decision. As we all know, The Chew is the replacement show for our beloved soap All My Children. I have not ever watched The Chew or The Revolution. However, I will watch The Chew today solely to support GH star, Laura Wright. I don’t think Laura is doing a bad thing here. The damage has already been done, our soaps have already been canceled. Laura is supporting her network, ABC, ¬†and her winery, Standing Sun Wines. The way I see it, having Ms. Wright on The Chew can only do good things for General Hospital. I think ABC actually made a smart move by having someone from General Hospital on The Chew. Who knows, it may even draw more people to General Hospital. As for the possibility of upping the ratings for The Chew because of Laura, it will work for today, but I highly doubt it will cause wild popularity for the show in the long run. And I am good with that. I will be watching today, and any other day that The Chew will honor our soap GH by having one of the stars as a guest and promoting General Hospital. Will I watch The Chew any other time? Heck no. Simply because I don’t even watch those types of shows. Please stop hating on Laura Wright for her decision to support her network, promote GH, and have some fun!