General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth’s Family Will Grow

Elizabeth Webber fans are about to get really excited because this General Hospital spoiler could have many different outcomes. Straight from the horses mouth, fans are now aware that in the next few months, we will see more Webbers… this could mean that Liz may get pregnant, long lost relatives like Sarah Webber could be headed back to Port Charles, or even Liz’s father.

Liason (Liz and Jason) fans have jumped to the conclusion that this particular spoilers could mean that Elizabeth becomes pregnant -with Jake’s (Jason) child.

Liric (Liz and Ric) fans have been tossing around the GH rumor that Liz could also get pregnant with Ric’s baby, since his latest scheme to get Jake away from Liz by hiring a fake wife seems to be going according to plan, for now.

Fans have also been wondering if we will see more of Elizabeth Webber’s history, including her dad.

General Hospital spoiler confirmation: In an #AskGH twitter chat, Executive Producer, Frank Valentini responded to a fan. In his response he tells fans that Liz’s family will grow this Summer.

Check out Frank Valentini’s tweeet!

How do you think this story with Elizabeth will play out over Summer? Would you like to see her have another baby? Does the possibility of Sarah Webber returning peak your interest? Perhaps Liz’s father has some business in Port Charles. GH Blog will keep fans updated on the latest General Hospital spoilers and developments to story lines. Keep checking back with us!