General Hospital News And Spoilers: The Roles Of Elizabeth’s Parents Filled As GH Casts Two New Actors

Elizabeth’s parents GH

Elizabeth’s parents head to Port Charles! General Hospital news reports confirm General Hospital has cast two new actors in the roles of Jeff and Caroline Webber.

GH and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) fans have long awaited this major breakthrough. Talk of Liz’s parents has been a focal point for the character’s current storyline.

The role of Jeff Webber was previously played by Richard Dean Anderson. Caroline Webber has been a mere mention as the role has never been cast. General Hospital spoilers reveal the roles of Elizabeth’s parents have been cast by two prime time actors.

GH news confirms Falcon Crest’s William Moses and Star Trek actress, Denise Crosby will fill the roles, finally bringing Liz’s parents to life. General Hospital recaps recall he role of Jeff Webber was introduced in 1981. For 25 years we have never put a face to the name, Caroline Webber.

Elizabeth and her sister Sarah Webber (Jennifer Sky) arrived Port Charles in 1997. The two daughters of Jeff and Caroline Webber were raised by their Gram, Audrey Hardy (Rachel Ames).

In a recent tweet, GH newcomer, Denise Crosby confirmed news of landing the role as Liz’s mom. Denise will be the first actress to fill the shoes of Caroline Webber.

General Hospital rumors hint that Jeff will be brought in to shed light on the death of Reiko. Hamilton Finn’s (Michael Easton) late wife appeared in Elizabeth’s flashbacks as she struggled with her past trauma. Her memories peeked her curiosity as she pieced together the traumatic events. Liz thinks her father could have been involved in Reiko’s death, while Finn believed her death was accidental and caused by poison.

GH spoilers and rumors claim
Elizabeth’s memories will increasingly resurface as her parents jar memories she had buried deeply in her subconscious.

General Hospital News: GH’s Hudson West (Jake) Celebrates His Birthday

General Hospital Blog would like to wish one of General Hospital’s youngest stars a very happy birthday!

Hudson West first joined the cast of GH on April 25th, 2016. He took over the role from predecessor James Nigbor. West was 9 years old when he began his GH journey as the son of Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton).

Today Hudson turns 15 years old! Happy Birthday, Hudson!

General Hospital News: GH’s Theo And Erik Olson ‘Ship’ TV Parents, “Millow” Over “Chillow”

Many celebrity couple and fiction TV super couples have nicknames, or “ship” names as they’re called. When one “ships” a couple, it means they are on board with the relationship.

General Hospital fan wars are not uncommon when it comes to shipping particular power couples in Daytime TV. General Hospital news reports JaSam (Jason and Sam Morgan), vs. Liason (Liz Webber and Jason Morgan) is one of the most, if not the most iconic fan war to date.

In more recent days, two couple combos share the spotlight in the fan war scene. Detective Chase (Josh Swickard) and Willow Tait Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen) Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell), is the most talked about fan war when it comes to which couple is shipped most by GH fans. Fans refer to them as “Chillow” and “Millow.”

Although GH fan opinions way heavily on the success of a Daytime TV couple, it’s really something when actors from the show express their ship support.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Michael and Willow grow closer, developing real feelings for each other as they care for Wiley (Erik and Theo Olson). General Hospital news reports the baby actor twins support their new parents as a couple over Willow and her old flame, Chase (Josh Swickard).

The official IG account for Erik and Theo Olson (run by adult guardian), shared a photo of their TV parents with a caption which supports the relationship between Michael and Willow, specifically pointing out “Chillow” as well.


Which is Your Favorite GH Friendship Duo?

SonnyAnnaMany friendships have come and gone in the town of Port Charles, but we want to know who is currently you favorite!

Some have strong bonds and some are budding this Spring!

There are many past friendships that have made just as much an impact on fans as super couples. Feel free to let us know in the comments who your favorite past friendship faves have been throughout the years.

If your current favorite duo isn’t listed in the poll choices, please, let us know who your current faves are!


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GH News: Liz Disappears; Rebecca’s Hiatus

LizhiatusThe latest General Hospital Blog news reported that Rebecca Herbst settled her contract negotiations with General Hospital. Although the actress and the show were able to come to an agreement, Rebecca will be gone from the canvas for a period of time.
General Hospital spoilers have revealed Rebecca will be on hiatus, and possibly won’t start taping again until mid-April. Herbst told Soap Opera Digest, “Because this contract negotiation went right up to the last minute, they did have to stop writing for me for a little while. I might not even be back taping until the second week of April, so Elizabeth is going to disappear for a little bit on your screens.They are going to try to sprinkle me in, but outlines have already been written, so I don’t know how much they can actually put me in.”

Rebecca last taped scenes as Elizabeth Webber on March 8th, 2016. Although Liz fans may be missing their girl, it will only be for a short time.

General Hospital News: Rebecca Herbst Settles Contract Negotiations

LizStaysRebecca Herbst originated the role of trouble teen, Elizabeth Webber back in 1997. For almost 20 years, Liz has become a fan favorite, as well as a rival for fans when it comes to Sam Morgan.

Liz has had quite the life in Port Charles with her Grandmother, Audrey, her great love Lucky Spencer, Her passion for Jason Morgan, her three boy, Cameron, Jake, and Aiden, and much more.

Contract negotiations between the actress and General Hospital Executives have been under way for quite some time, leaving fans wondering if Liz will be exiting Port Charles, as Herbst was rumored to be leaving GH.

We are happy to announce that Rebecca Herbst contract negotiations have been settled, and she will be sticking around at General Hospital for the foreseeable future.

Liz fans can now breath a little easier knowing that their girl Liz will be around to stir about trouble for the men, -and women of PC!


Rebecca Herbst Contract Under Negotiation, Inside Details HERE

LizcontractGeneral Hospital Blog has the inside track to what  is going on with Rebecca Herbst and the rumors that have been swirling regarding her status with General Hospital.

Fans are up in arms in fear that today’s rumor may be true. It has been said that Herbst contract has expired and that she is leaving General Hospital to join the cast of Days of Our Lives.

While it is true that Herbst current contract is ending, however, nothing has been reported in regard to whether or not she will be re-signing with General Hospital, or if she will part ways with the Daytime Drama she has been part of since 1997.

Today, ABC and GH Executive, Nathan Varni, informed GH Blog that it is true that Rebecca’s contract is still under negotiation, but no final decisions have been made at this point in time.

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Sam and Danny in Danger from Helena’s Curse

JakedrawingWe haven’t heard much about Helena’s curse since the day she “cast her spell” onto Sam Morgan. Helena was lying in her death bed, and although she acted as if she needed to reveal her wrongs so that she could die in peace, she left one classic piece of herself behind… a curse.

Helena and Sam’s mom, Alexis, have never been each other’s favorite people. Although Alexis is a Cassadine, she has lived her adult life as an outsider, other than keeping in contact with her nephew, Nikolas.

It’s no surprise that Helena hates Sam as much as she does Alexis, and now Sam has to live with knowing that this evil woman has put a curse on her.

Lately, the only person that seems to be continuously crossing Sam’s path in a negative way, is Elizabeth’s son Jake. Jake was presumed dead for a few years, and recently we learned that he was kept on Cassadine Island. There is no telling what type of mind tricks and brain washing Helena has done to that child. Everyone found it to be quite odd that Helena would return Jake back to Liz in one piece, without expecting anything in return.

General Hospital rumors have been swirling since the day Jake came back to Port Charles, that there is something off about that child. He could quite possibly be the source of Helena’s curse. Based on the drawing he made in art therapy with Franco, it’s easy to come to the assumption that he has it out for Sam and Danny. In that disturbing picture, it shows Liz and Jake happily frolicking while Sam and Danny lay lifeless and bloody on the ground.

Did Helena program Jake to go after Sam and Danny? Let us know what you think! Is Jake the key to Helena’s curse on Sam?

GH Spoilers: Another Setback for Jason and Sam

LizzieWhether we want to admit it or not, JaSam fans everywhere still find Elizabeth a threat to Jason and Sam’s marriage/reunion.

The Liason vs. JaSam fan battles are the strongest ever in Daytime, with fans constantly pinning the two women, Sam Morgan and Liz Webber, against one another. From mothering digs, to style of clothes, some fans have no chill when it comes to dogging their rival woman.

Just as Sam feels that Jason is starting to connect with her, she may have to brace herself for yet another setback. Last week on General Hospital, Sam and Jason’s encounter in their penthouse was full of heart warming chemistry for the couple and fans alike. Jason admitted her remembered Sam’s star necklace, putting it around her neck, and kissing her. The two seemed to be getting closer .

However, trouble is ahead for Sam and Jason. Right now, Liz and Jason’s son Jake is  fearful that a bad man is going to get into his home he shares with his brother and mom. He keeps calling for his dad, Jason, and of course, Jason is always at their rescue. GH rumors have indicated that Jason has Liz and her boys move in with him in order to keep them safe from whomever is trying to scare them by breaking into Liz’s home.

General Hospital spoilers revealed that Jason offers that they all stay somewhere for the night, but it has yet to be revealed if Liz and the boys will move in with Jason for the foreseeable future.