General Hospital News: Cameron Mathison Mourns The Loss Of His Mother

Daytime and General Hospital star, Cameron Mathison, had revealed he and his mother were battling cancer.

General Hospital news reports reveal Cameron and his mother Loretta supported one another through Cameron’s kidney cancer diagnosis, while Loretta suffered from brain cancer.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal Cameron Mathison’s mother, Loretta, has passed away. I’m a recent Instagram post, Mathison shared his heartfelt words regarding his mother’s passing.

“Mom, you left this world a better place. You were the center of our family with so much love and devotion for all of us. You were there for me in my absolute toughest times, and celebrated all my successes with so much love and enthusiasm. I have so many beautiful and incredible memories I don’t even know where to start. You will always be with me in my heart. I love you and miss you so much I can’t put into words.”

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