General Hospital Spoilers: Lucy Gives Victor The Upper Hand, Victor Corners Valentin And Anna

Victor corners Valentin and Anna

Victor corners Valentin and Anna. Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) are part of the receive mission that saved Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring). Holly Sutton (Emma Sam’s) shot Lucy and then she was held prison by Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy). After Anna was framed for shooting Lucy, she and her trusted spy friends set out to rescue Lucy.

General Hospital recaps recall that Lucy couldn’t stay away from Port Charles during the Nurses Ball. Most of Port Charles believes that Lucy is dead. And Victor, he knows where he left her. As for Anna and Valentin, they faked their death to derail Victor and save Lucy.

Lucy gives Victor the upper hand

According to General Hospital previews and spoilers, Lucy can’t help herself. As she watches every little detail of the Nurses Ball coverage, she can’t resist the need to step in and “fix” every little thing she thinks broke. Lucy went rogue against Valentin and Anna’s plan to stop Victor. Because of her inability to control her Nurse Ball impulses, Lucy gives Victor the upper hand. The latest GH rumors and spoilers suggest that Victor corners Valentin and Anna after Lucy outs herself. Victor knows that the only way Lucy could escape would be with Anna and Valentin’s help. Therefore, he realizes they can’t possibly be dead.

The jig is up. Will Victor stay one step ahead? Or will everyone’s efforts to take Victor down pay off? 

General Hospital Spoilers: Temptation Takes Over- Lucy Escapes, Risks It All For The Nurses Ball

Lucy and the Nurses Ball Lucy Coe Lucy escapes Anna and Valentin

Lucy Coe and the Nurses Ball go together like Nutella and a spoon. On the 60th anniversary of General Hospital, it’s most imperative that Lucy takes part in the main event. Unfortunately, undesirable circumstances keep Lucy from doing what she needs to do.

General Hospital star Lynn Herring’s iconic portrayal of Lucy Coe began in 1986. Not even a decade later, Lucy hosted the very first Nurses Ball. Over the years, the Deception mogul’s hard work and dedication has made the legendary event what it is today.

This year, GH’s cast and crew prepare for the show’s 60th year on air! Similarly, Port Charles get ready to celebrate the hospital’s milestone at this year’s Nurses Ball. General Hospital spoilers reveal Lucy struggles with heeding to Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), and Valentin Cassadine’s (James Patrick Stuart) directions. She has a major case of FOMO as the show’s preparation goes on without her.

According to recent General Hospital rumors, Lucy can’t take another moment of knowing that Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) and Bobbie Spencer (Jackie Zeman) have taken the reins. The very thought of the situation drives her crazy- to the point of going to extremes.

The Nurses Ball needs Lucy and she can’t resist the temptation! General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Lucy escapes Anna and Valentin to come to the rescue. Letting Maxie and Bobbie take over is something she just won’t do.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sasha’s Headed To Jail?! Sasha Admits She Needs Help, Is It Too Late To Skip Serving Time For Her Crimes?

Every time Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) has a public meltdown, one can only think she’s finally hit rock bottom.

General Hospital recaps recall Sasha’s disastrous incidents which resulted in not only personal and professional embarrassment, but harm and destruction to others.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Sasha is finally ready to receive the help she needs after rejecting Brando Corbin’s (Johnny Wactor) legal proposal presented by Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight). Her latest outburst in public when discussing her role at Deception with Founder, Lucy Coe, has left Sasha vulnerable and in desperate need. Thankfully she has Brando on her side.

General Hospital rumors hint it may be too late for Sasha to get out of paying the price for her actions. Public disturbance and destruction of property are crimes in which require time served. Is Sasha headed to jail and is Brando ready to handle what’s next?

General Hospital Spoilers: You’re Invited! A New Logo And Special Invitation From GH Executive, Frank Valentini

2020 has definitely been a crazy year for everyone, even in fiction! The Nurses Ball at General Hospital never disappoints when people are expecting edge-of-your-seat-type of excitement and drama, and it will be no different this year.

General Hospital news and spoilers confirm the annual Nurses Ball, although a few months late, WILL go on. The show is set to go by the end of August. GH Executive Producer, Frank Valentini shares with fans a photo of the new logo for The Nurses Ball, in an invitation style tweet.

Get ready to help Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) celebrate and honor the Nurses for their hard work and dedication, alongside the residents of Port Charles!

Faison is Dr. Britt Westbourne’s Father!

What a show! Although we have to wait until tomorrow to find out what Britta will say at the Nurses Ball, we know that Faison is her Papa! Dr. Obrecht was speaking to a photo of Cesar Faison saying how he would be such a proud Papa of Britt for what she is about to do. No wonder Britt lives up to her nickname given by fans, BRITCH. She comes from a lethal family, poison runs through her veins. There will be a lot in store for the residents of Port Charles. Especially the Scorpios and Drakes and those who love them.

Lynn Herring Returns to GH as Lucy Coe!

On December 14th, 2012, Lynn Herring will be coming back to General Hospital. She isn’t the only blast from the past we will be seeing. The very awesome, very missed, and very essential, NURSES BALL will be returning to General Hospital.